Social Media Management & Consultancy

Social media is the best digitally focused method of driving a new audience to your brand. Curated content and social strategy is important to maximise reach for your business. 


Photography is another important factor in enhancing a brand. Social media is one of the influences of this change, therefore having crisp, realistic photography for your website and social media is prime.

Influencer Outreach & Content Marketing

Influencers and content marketing are perfect ways to grab a targeted audience. Working with influencers can help engage with the right audience. Content marketing allows you pull readers into your site with the informative, on-brand content produced.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click are fantastic ways to improve your search engine presence, using key words that your audience may use to find your business online.

Why is social media important for my business?

Social media marketing has a proven rate of closing more sales and attracting new customers than any other type of marketing. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or who you are selling to you can guarantee to see growth in your brand.

How can influencers benefit?

Influencers are well known people on the internet that have large followings, using influencer marketing is a great way to marketing your product, service or brand to a targeted audience. Those that follow influencers trust in what they promote and have to say, so in turn they ‘influence’ attention and sales for your brand.

Should my website have a blog?

Having fresh content in the form of a blog is another way of marketing your brand, often known as content marketing. Sharing information that is related to your brand not only increases the way people perceive your brand but also access your website in a indirect method. This leads to further awareness of your brand and encourages search engines to pick up your site and index it higher, also known as SEO.

Does photography really affect how people perceive my business?

Photography is a major part of social media and your website, especially as people are very visual. The common saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words which enables to show your customers what they would be getting for their money. Photos also represent you as a company, low quality photos will communicate the same about your business and the services/products you offer.


Aftab has a vast background in digital marketing having worked in various hotel marketing roles in the past. He has also succeeded in being a valued travel and lifestyle blogger with a key eye for photography and creatively executes successful social media and digital campaigns on a professional level.

Pooja Sharma-Jones
F&B Marketing Consultant

Aftab knows his way around the digital world. He’s an Instagram guru and has a great eye for what makes a great engaging content. It also helps that his photography skills are on point and that he’s such a lovely, professional individual too.

Imogen Eaton
Luxury Travel PR Manager


Digital and social media are a minefield to a old of business owners. Spend your valuable time else where and let me look after your accounts.

Professional Support

As someone that understands digital and social media, I am always happy to educate those business owners on how to utilise their websites and social media to the best of their ability.

Fresh Creative Ideas

As for someone who has a eye for what social media and websites need, leave the creativity to me.

Down to the important information...

Why Hire Suave Digital?

Suave Digital was started by myself, Aftab Pathan in 2017. It was a company that was a result of my own creative vision after having worked in various roles in marketing. My roles had allowed me use my creative eye for photography and writing, paired with my passion for social media. I have had over 5 years experience working on social media and digital campaigns with big brands as a part of my award winning luxury travel and lifestyle blog, Fresh and Fearless. 

During my time as a blogger and marketeer, I built up great connections with other influencers, bloggers and journalists which has allowed me to offer an extra service of influencer outreach. In my spare time, I used to be a freelance article and content writer for an expat website, which proved my ability to grip a reader and keep them reading on.

The bigger picture for me was to help others and share the same vision I had once for myself, to grow and succeed online. As a result, Suave Digital was created.

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